Why You Need to Purify Your Air

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Yes, the air we breathe and the toxins we are exposed to can cause health conditions.  Just because we cannot see the toxin does not mean that it does not exist.  Air purifiers are designed to improve the air quality in a living/workspace from various contaminants and pollutants from the air. There are several reasons why you might consider using air purifiers in your home or workspace:

  1. To remove allergens, such as pollen, dust, mites, pet dander, mold.
  2. Filter particles in the air such as smoke, fine dust, and of course airborne bugs.
  3. The activated carbon within many air purifiers helps to eliminate odors by absorbing and neutralizing odors from cooking, pets, etc.
  4. Filter out Chemical and VOC (volatile organic compounds); you can get these in household products, paints, building materials.
  5. Purifiers can remove irritants and allergens from the air that contribute to Asthma and respiratory health concerns.
  6. If you breathe cleaner air, you are giving your brain and body the necessary quality nutrients to repair itself at night leading to improved sleep quality.
  7. Overall reduction of indoor pollutants as the seasons change.

Curious about what Air Filtration system might be best for you? Schedule a consultation with Longevity Lab today to help find the right solution for your home and Live Long.

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