Brain Fog

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When I eat certain foods, I get a brain fog or can’t think straight, can’t concentrate

Nothing is worse than not being able to think.  Have you ever lost a thought mid-sentence? Do you feel a rush of low blood sugar? Is your brain function so low that you do not have the mental or physical capacity to perform?  This is your body shutting down.

All these symptoms of brain fog. Brain fog is very common and happens more frequently than you can imagine.  With the fast-paced information-packed environment we all live in now, brain fog symptoms seem to be getting worse; in a sense it is what we call Information Overload.  We often tell patients if they simply cannot think and have this foggy brain more frequently, it makes it more difficult to perform the simplest daily tasks.  Most patients complain of this brain fog in the early and later afternoon time period.  Often, these symptoms are driven by what we eat for lunch or what we are missing from our meals.

Some patients have a low LP-IR score, which is a blood test that identifies your sensitivity to insulin, and notice when their blood sugar levels get super low, the fogginess sets in.  Other patients have an overall fatigue, which is driven by what they ate for lunch or had for a snack.  Certain foods, especially if you are sensitive to them, will cause these kinds of symptoms.

We notice that patients are disconnected from their gut; meaning they have no idea what their body is going through because they are in a constant state of going from one task to another– almost on autopilot during their day.  We have trained our bodies to be disconnected to the point where we do not know if the types of foods we are eating are making our bodies worse.  Any food sensitivity will not just upset the gut flora, but over time will also elevate systemic inflammation and create a cascade for other health issues to arise.  We recommend getting a food sensitivity test, or blood spot test, which is just as accurate as a blood draw test; testing IgG variances to food rather than short allergic responses IgE is a great way to determine what foods you are truly sensitive to and affect overall brain function. Check out how we can help by getting you a food sensitivity test through Longevity Lab.

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