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I want to share with you the recent study that we (Aristo Vojdani and myself) have been working on, and that is now in press in the journal “Clinical Immunology.” We identified which autoimmune target proteins cross-react with SARS-Co-V-2 spike and nuclear proteins.

We have discovered that there is potential for the coronavirus infection to produce antibodies that may cross-react with the brain, thyroid gland, and the gut. This discovery may explain why some patients have a systemic disease with the infection, and some do not. We are still finalizing the complete study where we screen 50 autoimmune target proteins.

The bottom line is, for some susceptible subgroups of people that get the coronavirus infection, it may trigger the onset of autoimmune disease or induce a flare-up of an existing autoimmune disease. I think we are about to see many patients develop Post-COVID-19 Syndrome, and it will involve autoimmunity to some of the target proteins that we have found cross-react with the virus. Please share this link and information from Science Direct.

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