Hot Honey Cottage Cheese Toast

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  • Protein rich toast (Our preferred options: Ezekiel bread, Dave’s Killer Bread, Fresh sourdough loaf)
  • Turkey bacon
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Hot Honey 
  • Chili Garlic Oil
  • Flakey Sea Salt


  1. Toat your desired bread.
  2. Spread cottage cheese on top (bonus tip: blend the cottage cheese before spreading to eliminate the chunks if that gives you the “ick”).
  3. Top the cottage cheese spread with garlic chili oil, to taste.
  4. Break up 1-2 slices of turkey bacon and place over the toast.
  5. Cover the toast with a generous drizzle of Hot Honey.
  6. Top it off with flakey sea salt.
  7. Enjoy!

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