How To Be Mentally Strong For Your Day

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How do you get mentally tough?  Think of these 3 things daily:

1. One positive thought in the morning.

Please do not go for your phone or computer to read the latest on COVID-19!  If a negative thought immediately comes into your head versus a positive one first thing in the morning, immediately think of something you are GRATEFUL for.  This strategy will help you snap out of the negativity.

2. Adrenal Nap Break to boost your energy levels.

A rested brain allows you to think more clearly!

3. Remember to use logic and reasoning over fear and anxiety.

This is what you need to do to combat depression.

Here is a quote from the book 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do.  Read these words from those who are mentally tough, “Don’t get fooled into thinking that your anxiety level should be the factor that helps you make the final decision about risk. Your feelings may be very unreliable. The more emotional you feel, the less logical your thoughts will be. Increase your rational thoughts about the risk(s) you are facing to balance out your emotional reaction.”

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