How To Keep A Healthy Gut Over The Thanksgiving Holiday

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This is the season to keep your gut happy. How do you do this? Below are some strategies to ensure you have not only a relaxing and fun-filled holiday but also a “Jolly Gut” (but not like Santa’s!)

1. For any event, whether Thanksgiving or holiday parties, have a plan of what you will eat and not eat and what you will reduce. An important one is alcohol – limit your intake to one or two glasses or eliminate it altogether and replace with sparkling water such as Pellegrino.

2. For appetizers, if you know there are certain appetizers that you love to eat, set a limit to the number of appetizers and quantity for each. For example the sausage and cheese on cracker eating 2 or 3 instead of 5 to 10! It is easy to eat…and eat…and not realize you are overeating. The same thought process works with sweets. Decide the one sweet you will eat and that’s it. If you eat the sweet slowly and savor the flavor you will find you will fill up faster and not want to go for that second piece of pie!

3. Drink a glass of chilled water before you eat a big meal such as the Thanksgiving dinner or before you go out to that holiday party.

4. Absolutely avoid or significantly reduce eating white bread and potatoes! Remember: “if it’s white – eater beware!”

5. Eat more of the following: vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms, squashes, celery (organic is always preferred). If you have an auto-inflammatory condition avoid eggplant, tomatoes, and peppers.

6. If you are just coming off of a gut cleanse please consider doing the following: understand that your gut will be even more sensitive to foods that are normally irritative. Strive to fully avoid those foods. Try to avoid grains. This generally includes anything that says “wheat” on the label. Try to eat slower! Yes, chewing more slowly helps to release enzymes that allow your body to better break down the food. Should elimination become an issue consider taking 3 to 6 Zypan® tablets (A Standard Process product) to help break down the food and allow elimination to happen. Also, try to eat olives, apricots, and/or prunes.

7. Holiday nuts are not your friends. Nuts are a great source of fat but if you are trying to maintain weight loss, reduce or avoid nut intake.

8. Have fun! Remember, if you over indulge it is not the end of the world. It’s one day. Enjoy the time with your family and friends. There is always tomorrow to get your gut back on track.

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