How To Maintain Your Weight Over the Holidays

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Maintaining your weight can often be trickier than losing the weight itself. This is especially true over the holidays! Use these tools to stay confident and in control of your weight this holiday season.

Don’t make foods “off limits”

Restricting yourself can lead to feelings of shame and potential binging later on. Many of the foods we eat over the holidays are only around one time a year. Enjoy yourself! Just be sure you are enjoying in moderation. Especially if it is a type of food you do not typically enjoy, too much of an unfamiliar food can lead to an upset stomach later on.

Pay attention to your body

If your body says you are hungry, Eat! If your body says it is full, drop the fork. Mindful eating is the best tool we have for maintaining body weight. If you are full before desert comes, take a break and allow your body to digest.

Use small plates

This will help keep you from over proportioning your foods and allow you to have small amounts of all the yummy foods the holidays have to offer!


The most important tip of all is to make sure you have fun!The holidays can be stressful for so many. Remember to breathe, stay mindful, and know if you ate a bit too much one day you can always get back on track tomorrow!

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