I am eating well and working out but not losing weight

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If you are eating well, reducing your caloric intake, and going to the gym but still not losing weight than it is time to put some science behind the why.   It is critical to understand that your genes play a big role in your weight loss and weight gain. Are the bugs in your gut working and is there a balance between “good” and “bad” gut flora?

Did you know the body predominantly runs on fat, and not carbohydrates- which is what we are told.   “Just reduce my caloric intake and voila! I will lose weight right?” Any calories not consumed during the day get stored as fat.  In order to lose weight you have to mobilize fat.  If you can’t mobilize your fats and seriously burn them, then you continue to not lose weight.  So on diet alone, eliminating carbohydrates and sugars all together for a short period of at least 24 hours will begin to change your fuel system to burning fat, called a keto diet.  Another way of accomplishing this more effectively in addition to carbohydrate and sugar elimination from the diet is fasting. Fasting at least for 12 hours jump starts your metabolic-state into a more keto-state, where you are changing your fuel source to solely fat burning.  The goal behind this is to mobilize fats and start to burn them off.  Knowing if your body can handle fasting and for what length of time comes down to your DNA.  There are genetic markers specifically to identify this. We can help at www.longevitylabhealth.com/dna

The other component of keto diet and fat burning to jump start your metabolism is understanding foods you might be sensitive to.  Often, you might eat what you think is a healthy food and in fact, you could have an unknown allergy to that food. Take the ever popular cauliflower for example.  Recently, cauliflower has been the main substitute for carbs in meals. Did you know that some patients with uric acid sensitivity should avoid cauliflower?  If you are curious in getting a snap-shot in time of what foods you might be sensitive to, we have a food sensitivity test. We also recommend getting DNA testing done so Longevity Lab can determine genetically what foods are best for your body in order to support your genes, while also identifying your genetic deficiencies so that we can get your body to function at its most optimal.

In some cases, going to the gym and exercising is not going to get your weight to drop on the scale.  What specific exercise you are doing, intensity of the exercise, and the duration of the exercise all factor into your overall weight loss and weight gain. The human body is an adaptable machine.  If you do not vary your exercise regimen, your body will adapt, resulting in a lack of weight loss. It’s time to mix it up!  Do some weight training in a high intensity interval training pattern (HITT) and some aerobic training for at least 20 to 30 minutes.  Did you realize regardless of your genes, if you exercise first thing in the morning you ultimately will burn more calories.  Why? Because you will raise your metabolic rate by exercising and by doing this in the morning, science has shown your metabolic rate stays elevated during the entire day.  What a fat burn!

Reach out to Dr. Susan for more information on weight loss.

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