Leptin and Weight Management

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Trying everything is exercising consistently, sleeping at least 7 hours every night, and reducing your caloric intake, and even changing what you are eating to lose the weight. Did you ever wonder why the weight is not coming off or why you just simply stabilize at an ideal weight and the pounds just do not come off? Did you know the microbes in your gut drive your weight loss and weight gain and leptin is one of those hormones in your fat cells that drives this weight loss? Leptin is important for the gut because it plays an important role in regulating appetite, energy balance, and metabolism. By regulating appetite, leptin helps to maintain a healthy body weight. By regulating energy balance, leptin helps to keep the body in balance between energy intake and expenditure. Finally, leptin helps to regulate metabolism by ensuring that the body has the proper amounts of nutrients and energy to fuel its metabolic processes.
Check out our handout on the specs and why leptin support might be the solution you need to achieve that New Year’s Resolution of A New You!

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