Low Testosterone and Mortality

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Why Men Should care About Testosterone Levels

Many studies have been published on the association of serum testosterone and mortality over the past decade. The most recent meta-analysis, published in 2011, included 12 studies of over 16,000 men and reported that low serum testosterone levels were associated with a 35% increased risk for mortality with a HR of 1.35 (1.13–1.62). Studies that included older men (greater than 60 years) or that had lower average testosterone levels were more likely to report an association with low testosterone and mortality. Since then, 20 additional studies that include over 38,000 men have been published. Most of these studies (85%) found that low levels of testosterone or dihydrotestosterone (DHT), an active metabolite of testosterone, were associated with increased overall mortality.

Low testosterone is associated with a weak immune function.

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