Training Your Brain

Most of us think of exercising our physical bodies but rarely do we even think about training our brains. Our brain controls our human movement, as well as our thoughts. It is the powerhouse behind the “Do!”. When was the last time you had a “stinky” thought pop in your head, or better yet less than positive thoughts about someone, something, or even yourself…perhaps thinking you are not good enough?  Or angry at yourself over something or directed at someone or something else? We call this dwelling on these thoughts “rumination”. We all do it to varying degrees during our daily busy lives. Consistent, daily rumination is a well-established risk factor for the onset of major depression and anxiety symptomatology in both adolescents and adults. Research has shown that stressful life events seem to trigger more rumination over time. Our ability to learn how to literally “calm” our brains allow us to get back to a healthy, calm self-space to thrive despite life’s stressors by stopping this rumination cycle. Join us in this journey daily for at least 8 to 12 minutes a day to train your brain.

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