Setting Goals In The New Year

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How To Start Forming Better Habits You Love

Would you like to form healthier habits that you will grow to love this year? As you set new goals for this year, think of these tips to keep you on track. How do you get a person to do the same activity, love it, and continue to make that a part of their life? Start by making a decision. It does sound simple, right? According to a senior lecturer in psychology at King’s College London, by Benjamin Gardner, there are three phases of habit forming:

The Right Way To Set Goals

Step one. Is “initiation”; making up your mind to change a behavior. Beas specific as possible. Being vague on the habit that you want to make happen is not the most successful approach. The best approach is to set a specific day and time of day that you want to do this habit. For example, “Go to the gym twice a week,” is less specific than: “Go to the gym from 5am to 6:30am every Wednesday and Friday.” Specificity is the key! It seriously blocks the time off. Step Two. The second component is making it fun; how many of your friends or spouses have you heard make complaints like “it is too cold outside” or “I do not like machines.” Especially, in regards to exercise, and there are lots of people who are like them! So, to make it fun, listen to some favorite music or a podcast during the exercise sessions. The habit might be easier to accomplished if you create a rewards system afterwards, like jumping in a hot tub, or treat yourself to a deep tissue massage at the end of the week. Step Three. The third component is to know that habits take time to implement! Remember Rome was not built in a day, so neither is changing your lifestyle. The new clinical research shows that it takes 66 days for a true habit to form.

The Importance Of Consistency

Once you have a small success, it is easier to keep going. Often times patients do not want to change their habits because they feel it is too tough or complicated to change it all. If you can just time chunk it into small bite-size changes over time, you are able to stick with it and experience the amazing transformation along the way.

Remember You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To! Oftentimes It is the negative self talk that gets in the way. So set yourself up for health success in the New Year, stay positive and consistent with better habits this time around!

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