Terms and Conditions To Purchase Tests from Longevity Labs

  1. Longevity Lab does not provide any medical assistance or advice unless you are a formal client/patient of Longevity Lab.
  2. None of the tests offered by Longevity Lab are diagnostic in nature. They are definitional only in that they will identify relevant SNPs on genes, the presence or absence of various microorganisms, levels of components in human samples including stool, urine, blood, etc.
  3. Because none of these tests are diagnostic in nature, I understand that I should not rely on any test results for diagnostic purposes or as a replacement for professional medical advice by an appropriate licensed healthcare provider.
  4. While all tests offered by Longevity Lab are conducted by CLIA Certified lab, not all of these tests have been approved by the FDA.
  5. Due to the complexity of human health, any test results by themselves do not guarantee the presence or absence of any healthcare condition or disease. Such conditions and/or diseases can only be diagnosed by a licensed healthcare professional who may or may not rely on any of these test results as part of his or her diagnosis.
  6. I understand that Longevity Lab will use best practices to keep my test results confidential under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and that only I may release or share my results with any third parties unless said test has been purchased through a licensed healthcare professional who may be allowed to access my results as part of my care plan with that healthcare professional.
  7. I understand that my samples will be used for my tests only and the reporting of said results to me only, unless a healthcare professional is approved per #6 above, and that my results will not be used for any other purpose, including being shared or sold to any compilations of similar data by any third parties even without human identifiers.
  8. Because of the ever-changing nature of science in general and healthcare testing specifically, all of these tests and test results are subject to change as the professional understanding of these tests and results evolves.
  9. If I have any reason to suspect that I have any specific healthcare problems or issues I should immediately consult with a licensed healthcare provider and not rely on Longevity Lab for any medical assistance or advice of any nature.