The Link Between Scent & Memory

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When you get a whiff of freshly brewed coffee, or dew on the lawn, I bet it brings back a sense of nostalgia, maybe even a clear memory from childhood. This is because Olfactory senses, or the sense of smell, is closely linked to memory. The chemical makeup of the brain allows for olfactory signals to travel to the limbic system, the part of the brain responsible for emotion and long-term memory, very quickly.

Recent studies have shown the link between smelling essential oils and the improvement of memory.  “Researchers found that when cognitively normal individuals were exposed to the scent of an essential oil for 2 hours every night over 6 months, they experienced a 226% improvement in memory.” This study suggested that individuals exposed to heightened olfactory senses (such as essential oils) are less susceptible to developing Alzheimer’s.

Consistent and daily activation of the limbic system through the use of essential oils through a diffuser in your home and workspace could prove to help strengthen your memory and help decrease the probably of developing Alzheimer’s in the future.

Below are a few popular essential oils along with their therapeutic effects on the brain:

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