What Devices Do To Your Spine

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How much do you love gaming consoles, parents? Did you know the brain is an adaptable machine that feeds off of repetition?

If you find your children are in front of mobile, or more importantly, gaming devices; chances are their brains are re-modulated if over exposed to them. Re-modulation happens with excessive use of mobile and/or gaming devices.

It can affect any one of the following:

• Mood

• Vision

• Gait pattern

• Soft tissue pain response

Soft tissue pain response is affected as a result of tissues tightening up when device usage time is excessive in nature. Here’s what you cando to help prevent these health issues:

• Define device down time in the morning and evening especially

• Reduce the device usage time during the day

• Put your device on blue light filter mode (if available) or apply a blue screen filter on the device to minimize the impact on your eye-to-brain feedback loop system

• Talk to your family members about the importance of self monitoring device addiction to keep their brains healthy

• Do not sleep with devices, use a standard alarm clock.

The impact of devices on our skeletal system has not been studied long term. Without a doubt, the medical community is seeing more structural and behavioral dysfunctions in the population since mobile device usage has become a constant phenomenon in everyday life.

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