What Makes Functional Medicine So Different?

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Why would you want to see a functional medicine doctor as opposed to your general practitioner? There are several reasons to transition to a functional medicine doctor for your overall long term health. How many times have you been told by your general practitioner that your blood work looks “normal,” and yet you seriously “feel like crap.” Have you been told by your physician it is all in your head? The last time we checked, you are living in your body, not your physician. A functional medicine practitioner has a breadth of knowledge on alternative testing such as saliva, stool, and alternative blood work which explains more of the whys of your current health status. It is key to know what testing is right for you based on your progress. So many patients have loads of testing done and absolutely no results or action plan to address their health conditions. It plants the seed of, “I will never get well.” Nothing is more frustrating than not being heard and not feeling your best. Let us help you by becoming a Longevity Lab member. We have an affordable alternative medicine approach that does not stop until you thinkfeel, and move your best.

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