Why am I Gaining Weight Without Having Any Lifestyle Changes?

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Why am I Gaining Weight Without Having Any Lifestyle Changes?


There are several reasons for gaining weight, especially if you have noticed you have not experienced a massive change in your day-to-day routine.  Often, we are unaware of our external stressors and become disconnected from our bodies. Not listening to your body’s overall tightness or anxiousness is a recipe for changes to your autonomic system resulting in weight gain.

Vaccines also can change your microbiome, which is the balance of your good and bad microbes.  When this imbalance occurs, we no longer process food as well as we did, and this can also lead to slight weight gain and a slow/sluggish gut. That is why we need to stay on top of it.

Your brain and body do not function well if you are not getting great sleep. Patients often get the correct number of hours of sleep, but that does not mean it is quality sleep.  An inability to repair your body during the sleep hours over time can lead to a sudden weight gain.


Your body is an adaptive machine, meaning the stressors you put on your body via exercise modalities your body will begin to show slower and slower gains if you do the exact same routine.  When exercising, mix it up! Challenge your body in a healthy way with different durations and modes of exercise to address the weight gain.

If you are losing weight for no reason and rapidly, get routine blood work. Reassess the amount and number of times you are eating.  Are you absorbing your nutrients? Or are you starving your body of nutrients due to external factors at work or school?

Here is the checklist to make sure you are on target to address a weight gain or weight loss issue:

  1. Sleep (quality and duration). Track on your Oura Ring or Apple Watch or Garmin
  1. Exercise. Are you doing the same exercise or mixing it up; are you not exercising long enough or frequently enough or are you doing too much?
  1. Food. Are you eating during you day or starving your body? Are you hungry all the time? Are you eating late at night (that would cause weight gain); Are you stress eating?

Our recommendation is to break it down into a simple evaluation like above.

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