Why haven’t I been feeling the same after my COVI

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Why haven’t I been feeling the same after my COVID-19 vaccine?

Should you have received the COVID-19 vaccine and noticed some altering symptoms such as weight gain, irregular periods, a sense of feeling anxious, and potentially low energy–this is normal.  Clinical research over the years has determined there is a change in the gut flora- yes, the bugs that live in your gut- getting altered by vaccines in general.  It changes the “playing field” between the good and bad guys that reside in your gut; we refer to these microbes as the microbiome.  In your gut at this microbial level is how you fight off infections, gain your energy, grow a neurotransmitter called serotonin (which would make you feel less anxious and angry), and assimilates your hormones for your body to produce.  It also has lots of other processes, but the processes mentioned above are the reasons why you are noticing changes in your body due to the COVID-19 vaccine.

What can you do? Reduce your meat intake and increase your plant-based intake. By adding in more vegetables and reducing your meat intake, this will help balance out the microbiome.  Often a meat-based diet will feed the “bad” microbes and when you also introduce a vaccine, this creates a platform for gut dysfunction.  If you potentially crave sugar or starchy foods, this too can upset your gut balance.  Understanding the sugars and starchy vegetables and fruits to avoid is critical for gut-vaccine success.  We want you to live in this new vaccine environment. No doubt a booster for COVID 19 is right around the corner.  Live long and fight back with a healthy microbiome!

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